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Holidays and Celebrations

Holidays and celebrations are a great time for fellowship with other believers outside of classes and services. Here are some of our celebrations.

Christmas 2021

Christmas Parade 1st place winner.jpg
Christmas parade 2021.jpg
Christmas Parade Banner 2021.jpg
Christmas Party snowball game.jpg
Charles, Aimee, and Chris at Christmas Party 2021.jpg
Aimee and Steve Christmas 2021.jpg
Aimee Dawn Christmas 2021.jpg
Christmas Parade Float 1st Place Winners.jpg
Christmas Parade Float 2021.jpg
Karrie, Mattie, and Jimmie Faye Christmas Party 2021.jpg
Aimee in reindeer glasses Christmas 2021.jpg
Just a Little Christmas Kidz Play 2021.jpg
john as Caesar Augustus.jpg
2021 cast.jpg

Trunk or Treat 2021

Brandon trunk or treat 2021.jpg
Aimee and Charles Trunk or Treat 2021.jpg
H.B and Lenora truck or treat 2021.jpg
Mattie trunk or treat 2021.jpg
Shawn and John Trunk or Treat 2021.jpg
Chris, Talisha, and Addie trunk or treat 2021.jpg
Aimee and Glenda trunk or treat 2021.jpg
Ardelia with trunk or treat 2021.jpg
trunk or treat 2021 cats.jpg
MArio and Luigi trunk or treat 2021.jpg
Ardelia trunk or treat 2021.jpg
trunk or treat 2021.jpg
hay ride trunk or treat 2021.jpg
Unicorn and kids trunk or treat 2021.jpg
Trunk or treat 2021 full spread.jpg
unicorn at trunk or treat 2021.jpg
Kim and Jimbo trunk or treat 2021.jpg
April and hubby at Ricky trunk or treat 2021.jpg
glenda trunk or treat 2021.jpg
Ricky trunk or Treat 2021.jpg
Aimee with April trunk or treat 2021.jpg
youth at trunk or treat 2021.jpg
trunk or treat getting busy.jpg
Aimee at Chris and Talisha's trunk or treat.jpg
Kim and Joe trunk or treat 2021.jpg
Wages of sin trunk or treat 2021.jpg
Inside of Aimee's trunk or treat 2021.jpg
Aimee holding baby at trunk or treat 2021.jpg
Mattie trunk or treat 2021-2.jpg
Jennifer and SJ trunk or treat.jpg
Erwin family and Hunter girls at trunk or treat 2021.jpg
Jason and Parents trunk or treat 2021.jpg
Aimee Dawn trunk or treat 2021.jpg
Lenora trunk or treat 2021.jpg
trunk or treat mess hall.jpg

Father's Day 2021

Ray Smith 2021 Father of the Year.jpg
Father's Day gifting 2021.jpg
Father's Day 2021 Jeffery and Chris.jpg
2021 Father's Day Johnny.jpg
Shane and Aimee Father's day 2021.jpg

Mother's Day 2021

2021 Mother of the Year Lenora Allison.jpg
Lenora Mother's Day 2021.jpg
Mother's Day 2021 Janice.jpg
mother's day 2021 most kdis.jpg
mother's day 2021 gifting.jpg

Easter 2021

Side Stage Easter 2021.jpg
Lenea and Easter Bunny 2021.jpg
Bill and Jamie Easter 2021.jpg
Aimee and Charles in hall Easter 2021.jpg
Easter Ezekiel and family 2021.jpg
Par family Easter 2021.jpg
Fred and Beatie Easter 2021.jpg
Hunters Easter 2021.jpg
Mattie Easter 2021.jpg
Renee and Ricky Easter 2021.jpg
Ethan Family Easter 2021.jpg
Ray and Ardelia Easter 2021.jpg
Casey and girlfriend at Easter 2021.jpg
Johnny and Janice Easter 2021.jpg
Kim and Emily Easter 2021.jpg
Shawn and John Easter 2021.jpg
Sue Easter 2021.jpg
Easter 2021.jpg
Debbie Easter 2021.jpg
Brandon and SJ Easter 2021.jpg
Steve and grands Easter 2021.jpg
Renee Tabor at Easter 2021.jpg
Ms. Gibby at Easter 2021.jpg
Aimee with Easter bunny 2021.jpg
Jerry Easter 2021.jpg
HB and Lenora Easter 2021.jpg
Glenda, Heidi, and Isaiah Easter 2021.jpg
Duke family Easter 2021.jpg

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a church after God's own heart.  We are a church where "Just One Matters." We are a church willing to do everything God calls us to do. We offer discipleship and fellowship for the family, the lonely, the hurting, and the lost. We believe that Jesus is the one and only Son of God and the answer to every need of all people and that His presence changes lives for the better according to

2 Cor. 5:17 NIV

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come; the old has gone, the new is here!"



   10 a.m. - Sunday School

   11 a.m. - Morning Worship

    5 p.m. - Evening Worship


    6 p.m. - Classes for All

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